Use QR Codes for tradeshows and conferences

Use QR Codes for tradeshows and conferences

We recently attended a small business expo put on by Constant Contact in Los Angeles. We brought a large poster of a QR Code to display at our table as a way to draw people to our table and perhaps be a conversation starter. We were happy to discover not only was it a conversation starter, people did actually scan it with their smartphones. Our QR Code pointed people to a mobile version of a page on our site that described what QR Codes are and how a small business owner can use them. They are catching on.

I just read an article on QR Codes “Use QR Codes so You Don’t Get Thrown Away After Tradeshow” discussing all the creative ways you can use them during a tradeshow.

QR codes are catching on quickly in the US now that more than 35% of American adults own smartphones. In fact,QR code usage shot up 4,549% in Q1 of 2011 alone, with 9 out of 10 scans being done to find more information about a product or service.

Here is a great tip from the article;

TIP: Instead of distributing hard copies of marketing materials, you can distribute electronic copies via email. Simply create a QR code that triggers an automatic email when it is scanned by a smartphone. The email can contain a preformatted message from your company along with links to your sales materials.

What has been your experience using QR Codes in your small business? Share your stories of success, failure or confusion.

Written by John Walker

John Walker has seamlessly blended over 15 years experience in marketing with online advertising expertise to carry out his dual role of Chief Solutions officer and Co-founder of Talent Evolution. Whether it’s blogging, twittering, search engine optimization or create result pulling websites Walker packages the knowledge small business owners need to brand a professional identity and grow their businesses in the digital world. Website: http://talentevolution.com


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